Exhibition Area


The professional program is accompanied by a commercial exhibition area.

Take advantage of the best opportunity to do business around the world of archives and information management!


  • The largest commercial exhibition aimed at representatives of archives and organizations. National and international information management services from 70 countries.
  • Opportunity to hold business meetings between consumers and businesses.
  • Brand presence in the commercial exhibition area.
  • Promotion through the directory of participating organizations.
  • Coffee breaks within the exhibition area.
  • Parallel exposure with public institutions related to archives and information management.


Topics to participate in the Trade Show


  • Digital Records
    Digital records management system, information security solutions, database management systems (DBMS), search engines, digital document conversion, storage solutions, etcetera.
  • File Supplies
    Preservation boxes, preservation articles, disinfection and deacidification processing system, advanced conservation / restoration devices, documents, etcetera.
  • Scanning equipment and devices
    Equipment related to photography, films and microfilms, image conversion devices, audio and video related image devices, etcetera.
  • Physical installations and security
    Mobile shelves, battery storage facility, security system that includes remote data storage and retrieval (RFID) tags, fire suppression devices, environmental protection devices, etcetera.
  • Schools and publishers
    Schools of archival and documentary management; and editorials with specialized archival material.
  • Others
    Public and private institutions related to the management and administration of archives, providers of tourism services and sponsors of the event.


How to apply?

pdf-icon Download Form here



  • $25,000 MXN

  • USD $1,250

  • €1,136

It includes:
Stand 3 x 3 x 3 m.
Plank with cloth and 2 chairs.
Table cloth printed in sublimated fabric of 35 x 70 cms.
Marquee with the logo of the institution.
Access to an electrical contact.

More information:
Sandra Peña Dickinson
(+52) (55) 51339900 ext. 19406