Introduction / objectives


The International Council on Archives (ICA) holds an annual meeting open to the general public. The ICA Annual Conference is dedicated to a specific subject in the field of archival science. It consists of several plenary sessions, simultaneous panels, workshops and lectures, in which new initiatives and approaches are presented, discussed and developed, with the participation of about 800 attendees (mainly academics, archivists, computer scientists and public institution officials) from 70 countries.

ICA Annual Conference is the main international archival event of the year.

So far, the Conference had been held in countries in Asia and Europe. However, in 2017 it will be held for the first time in Latin America and Mexico will be the host country.

Its organization will be in charge of the regional Latin American branch of ICA, the Latin American Association of Archives (ALA), under the coordination of its president, Dr. Mercedes de Vega, General Director of the National Archives of Mexico.

In addition to its members in 198 countries, the ICA brings together sections with common professional interests and regions with different archival traditions.


  • To raise awareness on documentary heritage importance, the role of document management in good governance and the responsibilities of citizenship.
  • To promote and encourage sharing of professional expertise, experience and information amongst participants, as well as provide learning opportunities on best practices in the field of records and archives management.
  • To contribute to the dissemination of documentary management, the archival function and its social benefits.
  • To facilitate networking amongst participants.
  • To encourage the participation of new members of ICA and, in this particular year, the ALA.
  • To enhance the work and archival experience of Latin America.
  • To promote the archival profession in general and in the host country in particular.