Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism

«A nation that grows apart from its archives is a people condemned to suffer from amnesia».
Archivo General de la Nación – Mexico

Archives are the memory that feeds consciousness and knowledge. They emerge with each different culture over time and preserve factual truth for posterity. Currently, the impact of the rapid and chaotic growth of information caused by electronic means of communication threatens to make our traditional ways of interacting and collective multiculturalism disappear. This situation means we need to give individuals a sense of citizenship and to make them more aware of their social identity and cultural diversity, encouraging them to be the driving force behind the efficient performance of institutions and to practice interculturality. But this will only happen if archivists are able to bring societies together by means of their documentary material.

«Peoples unfamiliar with each other should become acquainted without delay».
Jose Marti


  • Interculturalism and native cultures
  • Human rights
  • Illicit trafficking of documentary heritage
  • Archives and academic projects
  • Archives and artistic creation
  • Archives, accountability, right to access to information and personal data protection
  • Archives, environment and natural disasters
  • Regional cooperation
  • Copyright and intellectual property
  • Information systems and digital preservation
  • Big data
  • Information governance